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King of the Midgets


    1950's Summary:

      1956 - 1959 - Shorty Templeton won the first USAC Midget Championship in 1956. In all, Templeton won the title three straight years.

      1959 - Gene Hartley won the USAC Midget title in 1959.

    Taken from "A Hand For the Wheel" by Jack Albinson

    Mel's Ford Stock Car from 1955 to 1957 (above)

    Taken from "A Hand For the Wheel" by Jack Albinson
    1959 BADGER Midgets (BMARA) - Mel finished 6th in the points standings driving the car #61 owned by brother Don Kenyon.

    Mel at the wheel of his and Don's first midget (above) in 1958 at Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. A 172 cu in Ford tractor motor powered the 1958 midget. Owen Snyder is driving the #33.

    BADGER Racers
    (Left to Right)

        Row 1: Billy Wood, Owen Snyder
        Row 2: Al Fredenberg, Mike Ladd, Duane Hanson, Mel Kenyon
        Row 3 (standing): Landy Scott (President of Badger), Unknown, Keith Thomas, Gary Congdon
    Photo courtesy of Landy Scott

    With God You're Always A Winner!
    1964 USAC National Midget Champion 1967 USAC National Midget Champion 1968 USAC National Midget Champion 1974 USAC National Midget Champion 1977 USAC National Midget Champion 1981 USAC National Midget Champion 1985 USAC National Midget Champion 1995 NAMARS Midget Champion 1996 NAMARS Midget Champion 1997 NAMARS Midget Champion

    #61 - Mel Kenyon: King of the Midgets
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